Marsha Ambrosius – “F*ck N’ Get It Over With” Video

10.11.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

Where to start. What to say. How to word it. My mind’s all over the place thanks to Marsha Ambrosius’ new video boasting a title so raw and a twist so, um, erotic that chances are you may just want to step outside and get some fresh air after watching. “F*ck N’ Get It Over With” covers the end of a physical relationship; the one not necessarily worthy of taking home to meet the parents, but one which always leaves you waking up in cold sweats at 3 A.M. texting said person praying they’re awake for one last fix. We’ve all been there before whether readily admitted or not.

And trust me, I would keep going from here, but the video’s climax (ayooooo!!!) just forced my mind to rent out a three bedroom condo in the deepest parts of the gutter. Now excuse me while I go flood Marsha’s mentions on Twitter. Those Sextape chronicles from way back when planted the seeds. “F*ck N’ Get It Over With” has officially matriculated yours into full-fledged thirst mode.

Lovers & Friends soon cometh. Take that both ways.

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