Meast And Least For Week 4

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This image of Brandon Lloyd cheesing so hard into the camera as he dove into the end zone against the Bills made the rounds on the blogosphere yesterday. Buzzfeed did what Buzzfeed does: repurpose the jokes that other people made for the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy meme, plus a dash of football. I’m confident we can do better than that.

That’ll do nicely.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast for Week 4 is Roddy White, who had eight catches for 169 yards and two touchdowns in the Falcons’ win over the Panthers. Matt Ryan seems to have taken that proverbial next step this season and he had a fine game on Sunday, but he had no reasonable expectation to believe that long heave he threw on the Falcons winning drive would be completed. That was all Roddy. Okay, it was partially Haruki Nakamura being the Asian Brian Russell. But it was mostly Roddy.

Also considered: LeSean McCoy, Braden Bolden, Matt Ryan, Robert Griffin III and Brian Hartline.

The Jeff George Memorial co-Leasts for Week 4 are Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. I defy you to convince me that one or the other is more deserving. Going into Monday night, Haruki Nakamura was a lock for Least, even if he did record an interception amid his extensive leastiness. In a way, I’m glad it worked out this way for reasons besides the obvious Romofreude. I generally don’t like to give Meast and Least to two players who were going directly against one another. Does the Least’s leastiness diminish the triumph of the Meast? Is the Least being unfairly picked on simply because he had the misfortune of going against the Meast? Thankfully, Romo and Dez helped up escape those thorny questions with impressive ineptitude.

Also considered: Haruki Nakamura, Greg Little, Matt Cassel, the entire Jets team, Ramses Barden

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