Meet The Boxing Trainer Wall St. 'Miscreants' Pay To Be Viciously Insulted By

05.17.12 3 Comments

At one point during my time living in New York I had a roommate who was an aspiring fashion designer who supported herself while attending design school by working as a dominatrix. Often she’d come home and tell me stories about her clients, many of whom were Wall Street guys eager to be spanked, talked down to and humiliated, among other things. It was fascinating to hear about how the masters of the universe enjoyed being dominated in their private time.

So this video by Animal New York in which Eric Kelly, a pull-no-punches boxing trainer at a gym in NYC’s financial district, goes about teaching Wall Street “miscreants” how to box — ripping them to shreds verbally in the process — hit close to home and brought back some memories. It’s also one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

Writes Dealbreaker:

Kelly takes us through his process, which involves walking around the Church Street Boxing Gym and calling the Wall Street guys he (doesn’t) train: “dumb motherfuckers,” “fucking nerds,” and “pieces of shit.” Early on in the tour, he informs the cameraman that “practically all of these motherfuckers suck.” He tells one client, “That’s a hook, retard,” with no further guidance. He asks another, “Where’d you get those shorts from? They look like 1972 NBA Eastern Conference Shorts. It looks like all the nerds in the world decided to have a convention on your body.” Later, he expresses his desire for “some of these cats to lose the address to this place,” wisely noting that “Not everything is for everybody– you don’t see me going to motherfucking Wall Street, picking up a briefcase trying to type.”

Give this man his own reality show — I’d watch the sh*t out of that. Enjoy…

(HT: Dealbreaker)

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