A Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend On Vine

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05.29.13 3 Comments

Well, it was bound to happen eventually*. But as far as we know, yesterday was the day that Marcia Collier became the first woman to ever be proposed to by her boyfriend using the mobile app Vine. Curt Buthman Tweeted out the message “I love you!” with the hashtag #WillYouMarryMe and it was accompanied by a 6-second Vine message that included Buthman asking:

“Marcia, I love you so much. Will you marry me, please? Please?”

Collier responded moments later with her own Tweet, “Um, wow!! OMG” which was immediately followed by, “Um, uh, YES @curtbuthman – I will MARRY YOU!”

In the history of marriage proposals, from fathers trading cattle over a handshake to professional sports stadium jumbotrons, this specific proposal, judging by the quick and viral Internet reaction, has probably set a new bar for the way that people use social media to ask their loved ones to marry them.

Now Kate Upton is never going to take my marriage proposal Tweets seriously.

*You know, if it hasn’t already happened and we just haven’t heard about it. I can’t wait for someone to come forward and claim to have already proposed on Vine first and better, because otherwise this wouldn’t be the Internet.

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