Members Of Congress Take A Break To Rip Off Jimmy Kimmel And Read Some Mean Tweets

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01.14.14 2 Comments

Washington, D.C. is close enough that I can smell the sh*t in the air on a daily basis. Some might say it is the local cattle and others might tell me to point fingers at myself, but I know it’s nothing but the folks in Congress doing their thing.

Here we have a group of elected officials taking time out of their busy schedules of pissing down America’s throat to read some mean tweets directed at them on Twitter. It’s a version of what Jimmy Kimmel pulls off with celebrities, but a lot uglier and awkward.

There are some humorous ones like calling Paul Ryan “Satan incarnate,” which is more of a slight on the devil than anything. But some of these are just a bit lame, kind of like that Mr. Show sketch “No Adults Allowed.” Just because Eric Swalwell and Sean Duffy seem in on the joke, doesn’t mean the joke is a very good one or that it makes me happy. Chuck Schumer is the worst of the bunch though because he can do better being related to Amy Schumer and all. Buy some shoes, you disgust me.

I’m probably just a bit bitter. I’m still a little sore over the government shutdown and the general ineffectiveness of the legislative branch. So when I see them taking even the smallest fraction of time to read tweets or try to come off as human, I get a little sour. Besides, they’re missing all of the angry tweets and emails I sent to Ted Cruz during the shutdown. There was a lot of creative cursing going on there.

All and all, I’d rather call up my local congressmen to tell them what a good job they are doing as opposed to incoherant rabbling. Maybe that’ll happen one day.

(Via Now This News / Business Insider)

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