Meme Watch: Helpful Tyler Durden

09.28.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

“Helpful Tyler Durden” shouldn’t require much explanation for Fight Club fans and I assume I’m in good company. The macro takes that one piece of kick ass Durden fan art that I never can figure out who to credit for and expands on Project Mayhem, the store-clerk-at-gunpoint scene, and getting the sh*t kicked out of you for the good of someone else’s well-being to topical matters, internet trends, and real life situations.
Some are clever, some kind of make sense, some happened, most didn’t. The good ones — the ones I’d venture to say Tyler Durden would actually approve of — do that Palahniuk thing where they flip things on their head and provide a fresh perspective via insanity. Like, I totally have a knew appreciation for the Rebecca Black phenomenon now. And my sex line phone calls are gonna go way differently from here on out.
Sources: Know Your Meme, Quick Meme, F*ck Yeah Helpful Tyler Durden

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