Meme With Peter King

02.08.12 6 years ago 62 Comments

Our excitement over the fallout from the Super Bowl has plateaued, with the only items of note today being Brandon Jacobs telling Gisele to shut up, Kurt Warner stoking tedious “Is Eli a Hall of Famer yet?” discussions and Greg Jones’ mom appearing less than thrilled about her son’s on-field proposal to this white woman. While we wait a few days before the Bucs decide to already fire Greg Schiano, we’re left to make more fun of our own, preferably at the expense of our favorite anti-football poetry enthusiast, Peter King. Watching Super Bowl postgame interviews, I noticed PK shoehorning himself in the camera shot like an everyday me-first GLORY BOY. At first, I wasn’t sure why I found the image funny, but then we realized that his bewildered expression lent itself well to Photoshops, and that was all the inspiration we needed. Laughable face, PK has it.

‘Shops after the jump. As always, you’re encouraged to add your own in the comments, whether you be an Elite 15er or not.

“Um, Brett, your dog took my seat again.”

“Those nuggets are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE”

“One triple hazlelofty nugmet memeacchino, pronto, or Seattle will hear of this!”

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