Real Life “Pulp Fiction”: Memphis Robbers Macabre Torture Tactics

05.08.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

People from outside Tennessee often link Nashville and Memphis together, which leads me to quickly reminding them that there are numerous differences between the two Volunteer State cities. M-town’s crime rate usually keeps them ranked high nationally when statistical reports come out. And the crimes done there are…different, as seen by the torture tactics used in a recent robbery that went all Marsellus Wallace.

What happened: There was a home invasion. Nothing big there.
What went awry: The victims were tied up, tortured and sodomized for nine hours.
The piece of strange: The robbers and their victims were all men.

To quote David D., I wouldn’t want my captors to thump me on the shoulder for nine hours. To be sodomized for nine hours? The victims were able to get a slice of revenge by shooting two of their attackers when the attackers left and returned. What sucks? They could face charges for failing to report the crime.

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