MGK Feat. Ester Dean – “Invincible” Video

06.03.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

No lie, the boy cub watches so much WWE that I’ve learned damn near every wrestler’s entrance music whether I want to or not. And I knew “Invincible” verbatim for months and months before finally finding out it was MGK’s track when he performed it as Cena walked out for WrestleMania 28. Right now, the track ranks second only to Randy Orton’s walk-in music, which I took the time to look up just now to find out the title, Rev Theory’s “Voices.” Not a bad look for the Cleveland kid because everybody knows wrestling fans are fanatically consumed by any and everything related to the sport. They’ll probably buy MGK’s debut album Lace Up on July 10th just off the strength of the one song.

Nobody ever said the devil was a dummie at being able to turn a buck this music business sh*t.

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