Mister Cee Was Born This Way?

04.04.11 7 years ago 69 Comments

Hearsay is obviously an act we choose not to take part in 98% of the time but this alleged arrest and the alleged circumstances are too wild not to at least toss the info out there.

“Under-the-radar website DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing set Twitter ablaze on Sunday with a plixi-started rumor of legendary hip hop DJ Mister Cee aka Calvin Lebrun allegedly being arrested for engaging in a ‘gay sex act.’

“While we can’t confirm the exact details, ANIMAL did confirm that a one Calvin Lebrun (Cee’s correctly spelled name, Wikipedia spells it different) was busted on Wednesday, March 30th, and charged with ‘Public Lewdness,’ which is consistent with the details of the mugshot and information accompanying it.” [Animal]

These older DJ’s are doing too much. First, Flexx was most recently dropping bombs and one-two combos on women still. Now, the f*cking legendary Cee – yes, legendary – seeing his life play out like an E. Lynn Harris novel? I can’t wrap my brain around the idea…or stop laughing either.

Update: Seems like Cee isn’t new to this at all, at least according to Gothamist.

“This was not the first bust for the “Throwback at Noon” host, he reportedly was arrested in lower Manhattan last October 8 and November 20 while loitering for the purpose of prostitution (soliciting, we are assuming). In his October arrests Mister Cee pled guilty to disorderly conduct, while his November arrest’s charges appear to have been dropped. Campbell does not appear to have a criminal history.”

Furthermore, looks like Wendy Williams called him out on the sus behavior years ago.

Man, oh, man.

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