Mom Wins Epic Favorites Playing Battle Between Dad And Little Girl


In the last few weeks I’ve noticed that there have been more and more cute little girl videos popping up on the web. Remember Riley, the cute little girl who just “gets it” in regards to marketing and advertising? Or what about the cute little girl who ruthlessly mocked the life of just about every modern woman in this video?

Are you, like me, sensing a trend here? Like, could 2k12 be the year of the cute little girl video? Are cute little girls the new cats?

Regardless, the video above popped up at least five times in my various feeds this morning before I actually broke down and watched it. I resisted — “NOT ANOTHER CUTE LITTLE GIRL VIDEO. NOT ANOTHER CUTE LITTLE GIRL VIDEO. NOOOOO.” — and then finally I caved and was, of course, smitten and delighted. And now here I am posting it for you, dear UPROXX reader. I mean, it’s Friday afternoon, after all. Enjoy.

(HT: Daily What)

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