People Reveal The Most Cringeworthy Accidental Texts They’ve Sent, And You’ll Double Check Now

10.19.15 2 years ago


Reddit never stops churning out the goods when it comes to mortifying (and somewhat educational) threads. Whether one wants to learn about haunted house stories, education for the opposite sex, or risque truth-or-dare tales, the extensive website is their filthy oyster.

Reddit’s latest grand slam of a thread — “What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Accidentally Texted Someone?” — describes the outcome of what we all fear. Texting is a valuable tool, but the immediacy of this communication method means we often tap away and hit “send” without thinking. Once those texts go out, they can’t be retrieved without repercussion. Bosses, parents, siblings, and coaches all bear the brunt of these accidents. Here are some marvelous tales of misery from Reddit users.

OccasionallyGirly pulled the dreaded mistake of sending his dad a sext:

“I want you to wear that little black thing that barely covers your ass tonight ;)’ – meant for a f*ckbuddy, sent to my estranged father whom I had recently reconnected with The kicker? I had told him that I couldn’t see him that night because I had a ‘family event’ to go to … yikes.”

NippleChan69 got to know his hetero buddy a little too well:

“I, (heterosexual male) once asked my friend (another heterosexual male) for booty pics. He and my girlfriends names both start with the same first 3 letters. He responded with booty pics. I thought I had a hairy ass. shudders.”

Here is perhaps the cruelest text of all-time from JarlBarker:

“Texted ‘Get Chipotle’ to my bedridden grandmother.”

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