Apple Fanboys And Fangirls Have Officially Lost Their Minds

07.26.12 7 Comments

Wait, this is actually a thing?!

The current rumor now ramping through the internet is so dumb, so painfully stupid that Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave: apparently, tons of irreversible imbeciles in Facebook and Twitter are saying that Apple’s Mountain Lion image is based on the Jobs’ biography cover picture, as an homage to Apple’s former leader.

It didn’t take much digging around to confirm that some people feverishly believe this. Case in point — someone in a MacRumors thread posted the following message with the photos below: “at first, I thought you were crazy. But then I looked closer and you know what, you could be right after all. There is some resemblance indeed.”

See it? Me neither!

Not even in slow motion

One last thing — the pic above, apparently taken of a newspaper today, was floating around Tumblr earlier and I noticed that a post we did yesterday is quoted to the left of the Gizmodo quote. Anyone know what paper prints that “blog log”? My guess is AM New York or Metro New York, but I’ve honestly no clue. Just curious.

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