Meme Watch: Movie Critic Kid Tells It Like It Is

Entertainment Editor

Have you ever wanted to see a young movie critic who is less scripted than Lights Camera Jackson and also less slavishly fanboyish and less likely to misuse the word literally than the poster-quote-whoring Pete Hammond? Thankfully, Redditor evilxeslana‘s son is just such movie critic. The picture of her son eagerly waiting to see Barney Live caught on at Reddit this Monday, spawning a popular image macro and then its own Quickmeme page. Now we have a critic who tells us exactly what he’s thinking, dropping truth bombs like Armond White without all the word-a-day calendar phrasing.
Our favorite Movie Critic Kid image macros are collected below. All pictures via Quickmeme.
(H/T: Crushable)

This one might be a real Pete Hammond quote.

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