Nas – “Bye Baby” Video

08.30.12 5 years ago 36 Comments

On easily the most personal song on his most personal album, Nas appropriately chooses visuals that reflect the emotional lyrics of “Bye Baby.” Divorce is a very real and prevalent issue, and the way God’s Son reflects on his own was significantly more mature and intelligent than most of us could have predicted, especially for a rapper. There was no meltdown, no rant against Kelis, but rather only the lamenting of his mistakes and reminiscing over the good times.

And the best part was that Nas shows he’s not ruling out marriage again, instead he’s learning from what happened and plans on bettering himself from it. Hopefully, Life Is Good can serve as a model for other generations to help them deal with larger issues in their lives and to approach situations in a calm, optimistic manner.

Salute: UPNT

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