Court Notes: OKC’s Comeback Win, Heat Scorch The Blazers, Clippers Bounce Back

03.02.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Words By B. L. Lauvray

Oklahoma City 105, Orlando 102

The Magic were comfortably up 11 heading into the fourth, with Kevin Durant having a “pedestrian” 20-point effort through three quarters, but then KD35 came alive, dropped 18 in the fourth, and OKC left the Magic Kingdom with another win. Considering the success the Thunder have had since moving to the Heartland from Seattle, I couldn’t believe it, but this was apparently their first win ever in Orlando. Every Magic starter had double-digit points, but their bench scored a total of 12 points, not good enough by any standards, kids.

Real story is the mind meld Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are working with right now. Make like Chuck D and “don’t believe the hype,” in regards to the perceived infighting for alpha dog in Oklahoma nonsense. A night after battling a rugged Philly defense in the City of Brotherly Love, the Thunder just lingered and lingered against Orlando, with Westbrook doing a lot on both ends to keep them close, until, POW! Durant! Fourth Quarter Wonder! Fin. These two run, gun and fun with the best of them and peeping the fastbreak alley-oop should be all you need to know.

Miami 107, Portland 93

Believe it or not, Portland raced out to a lead until LeBron destroyed their will to live with that finish move. Yes, finish moves can be in the first quarter. The Wade behind the back, over the head, lob to a trailing LeBron? This is the frolic and improv we all hoped would be birthed by combining those two. ¡Explosivio! LeBron James was everywhere with 38, 11 boards, six dimes, five (!) steals, a blocked shot and not a single turnover. Dwayne Wade had 33 and 10 assists, for good measure. Nicolas Batum pulled a “LeBron-Lite” for Rip City, with 17, five boards, two assists, three steals and two blocks. But yeah, on nights like this one, when the 2k12 Miami death squad are saying in a robotic voice: “Resistance Is Futile. Kill All Humans.” Well, resistance is futile.

LA Clippers 108, Sacramento 100

I cannot get enough of the Sacramento Kings. Why’s that? Because DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans are the forgotten lethal, ninja duo of the league, guys. Peep that alley-oop. Every Clipper defender is so paralyzed by what ‘Reke might do that they’re not even considering “Oh, inside lob to a perfectly spaced DeMarcus.” Meanwhile, Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton [hyperventilating into a bag] the Kings are so stacked on certain nights. Not last night though, LA Clippers got serious about halfway through the third quarter and the Kings went back into “mistake mode,” but it was fun while it lasted. Also, and I can’t find it on the internet this morning, DeMarcus Cousins basically pulled a “Blake” on Blake Griffin last night. “Suddenly the posterizer has become the posteree,” or something like that. It was towards the end of the first half and it was awesome.

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