Dear New Era…

12.09.09 8 years ago 33 Comments

Not only have you raised prices, decreased in quality & switched materials to the cardboard-like polyester, the sizing on most your hats varies so much it’s ridiculously buns. When I go to buy an article of clothing, I don’t expect perfect sizing across the board. But I do expect a standard.

During Black Friday’s sales, I was lucky enough to catch sales @ both Future Exclusives & MYFITTEDS. With the savings offered, I basically copped three hats for the price of two including shipping. Cool beans and worth the roll of the dice.

Except the shit fitting leaves me with such a nice Mariners cap that’s nowhere near a 7 5/8’s. It’s wool but there’s no way I can shrink it to fit. I could wear it, but I’ll look like Papoose (“what the fuck is a Papoose?”) and oversized fitteds were never what was hot IMO. Anybody want it for $20?

My complaints aside, here are two sales that might be of interest to the rest of you…

JackThreads is doing New Eras today, Wednesday 12.9. If you still need to get in, holler @ this link,

Aside — Did anyone aside from me score 10.Deep gear the other day?

From 12.8 – 12.18, save 25% off purchases @ Rock-N-Jocks by entering promo code GRINCH at the checkout page.

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