Cam’ron Feat. Vado & Sen City – “Ohh Baby”

04.23.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

Let’s see how quickly we can tie together the loose ends surrounding Cam’ron. Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj saluted King Jaffe for kicking in the door for the color pink, thus making way for her and the Barbz. Today, the #UNLostFiles get back on the business-days release schedule as Killa jumps on Biz’s classic “Just A Friend.” He opens up the track with a Kardashian reference, who he lobbed a slick shot at over the weekend by reminding everyone – including Kanye, another rapper who once paid homage to Cam’s pink preference – where her mouth has been.

From all of this, we can surmise two things.

1. Rap’s a family and we’re all related, but that doesn’t mean we have to get along.

2. Rap’s always better when Cam’s arrogance is in full blossom.

Cam’ron Feat. Vado & Sen City – “Ohh Baby”

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