Chase N. Cashe – “Inquiry”

09.15.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

This isn’t a Notable Quotable in the official sense, but Chase was talking his sh*t here.

“But for now money over women is the program
Ain’t way in hell I could ever be yo’ man
We can take a picture ain’t no kissin’ I can’t hold hands
Girl you ain’t mistress just a groupie to the whole fam
Heard you fucked the A$AP, 12 sent me back the word
Heard you caught a train from Ty Nasty rockin’ fur
Damn bitch you get around I know you fucked October’s Own
Because my nigga Hush showed me pictures on the phone
And just my luck you in love with ‘The Heir Up There’
But I gotta treat you like a dog cause the heir don’t care
Ain’t my intentions to hurt your feelings but girl life ain’t fair
It’s just a shame how you addicted to the life I swear…”

You know, some young lady is going to hear this song and that awkward moment is going to smack her right in the face when that groupie Chase was referring to was her. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that happens, I tell ya. Now let me go play Pac’s “All About U.”

Chase N. Cashe – “Inquiry”

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