Co$$ Feat. Blu – “Through The Flames”

01.26.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

In life, sometimes each of us needs to sit back and reflect on our lives. Thinking about the past allows us to take stock of our experiences and understand where we must go in the future. In his latest effort “Through The Flames,” Co$$ does just this.

Beginning with his own birth, the Los Angeles representative ruminates on his past, present, and where he wants to go in the future. Vivid memories flit past: walking the streets, moments of drug use, his father. Truths soon follow, as the Los Angeles representative drops gems for the listening public. And, in his own mysterious fashion, Blu slips in to shed a few poetic bars before quickly vanishing into his personal ether once again. Beatnick Dee’s instrumental blends singing strings, a strong bassline and a subtle guitar lick to provide a meditative, hopeful atmosphere, and the additional vocals in the hook are especially nice.

Look for this on Co$$’s upcoming album, Before I Awoke, sometime this April.

Co$$ Feat. Blu – “Through The Flames” (Prod. Beatnick Dee)

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