DJ Khaled Feat. Kanye West & Rick Ross – “I Wish You Would” (Prod. By Hit-Boy)

06.27.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

The Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart DJ Khaled, continues the search for his new warm weather blockbuster. Next up to the plate is “I Wish You Would” featuring, as always, a who’s-who of heavy hitters. Blessed with production from Hit-Boy, Kanye West and Rick Ross throw so much tough talk around the 2000 Baltimore Ravens would nod in approval. Ye’s running with a pinch of Auto-Tune but the addition doesn’t do much to take away from his presence on the song. Ross, on the other hand, does Ross. If you’re a fan, you’ll love it. If not, you’ll crack C.O. jokes. The truth is, it’s another solid offering from Rozay, but his fanbase has to still be anxiously awaiting “the one.” You know, “The. One.” The summer backbreaker.

“I Wish You Would” doesn’t pack the initial haymaker right off the bat its predecessor last summer did.* That said, Khaled’s new play toy could indeed spawn into the record which ignites the promo wagon and appetite for Kiss The Ring as well as God Forgives, I Don’t.** I’ll wait until this is played in my car to come back with a more well-thought out synopsis.

DJ Khaled Feat. Kanye West & Rick Ross – “I Wish You Would” (Prod. By Hit-Boy)

Respect: Low

* – I hate being that guy to compare something to something else, but damn. “I’m On One” still bangs to this day. It’s a gift and curse I assume.

** – Although “I wish you would” has been a taunt for years now, given who’s on the song, it wouldn’t surprise me if the hook became a battle cry of sorts this summer. Like “YOLO” on a more reserved scale.

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