Freddie Gibbs – “Let ‘Em Burn”

10.26.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Even though the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny here in the Midwest come Monday for Halloween, the forecast down in Satan’s part of the world is calling for uncharacteristically chilly temperatures. Blame it on Gangsta Gibbs. As we all know by this point, Freddie and his corporate thugs have been hard at work since last summer assembling the next chapter in his bulletproof career. And now, as Cold Day In Hell looms less than a week away, GI’s finest does what he does best and leaves something leaking with his newest track “Let ‘Em Burn.”

Backed by an Olympicks instrumental that could score a futuristic movie chase scene, this bouncy blast details more of the reasons Gibbs chin-checks police at every show and isn’t afraid of a single soul. And, while it’s not the most original song from this intellectual thug, it was never meant to be. Instead, this slice of fire simply serves as one more reason to say ‘screw the kids’ on All Hallows’ Eve, lock the doors and crank up that home-cooked, reality rap.

DownloadFreddie Gibbs – “Let ‘Em Burn” (Prod. By The Olympicks)

S/O: RR.

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