Hassaan Mackey – “Elephants” (Prod. By Apollo Brown)

08.02.11 6 years ago

When you walk by someone wearing an olive jacket, jeans and a pair of Wally’s with a scarf wrapped around their face in 90° heat–at night on top of that–you’re bound to take notice. The same thing goes when that same fellow proceeds to grab two mics and usher in the spirit of Hip-Hop circa ’95. The above circumstances happened to me a few days ago as Hassaan Mackey was that guy and the majority of the songs that he performed were from his collaborative album, Daily Bread, which he put together with Apollo Brown. I chopped it up with the Rochester, NY native throughout the night after the set and, all in all, he appeared to be a stand up dude.

But since I’m not listed as a reference on his resumé, let’s get to the music. I chose “Elephants” mainly because it’s a great example of who Hassaan is as an emcee. Confident in his skill set and unwilling to go against his standards when crafting music, Mackey will still be able to sleep at night if you don’t rock with his brand of Hip-Hop. Although if you can’t rock with this, I’d like to see what you consider Hip-Hop.

Hassaan and Apollo’s Daily Bread is available now in both digital and physical format.

Hassaan Mackey – Elephants (Prod. By Apollo Brown)

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