Hoodie Allen – “No Interruption” Video

03.29.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

The thing I’ve always appreciated most about Hoodie Allen’s music is that he’s found a way to be himself, while still making marketable tunes to feed the masses. When there are hoards of rappers who back themselves into a corner by trying to be too Hip-Hop or have labels turning them into something they’re not, the Long Islander simply lays it all out on the table, mixing in enough obscure punchlines and effortless flows to show he means business. Luckily for us, this progressive mindset is more evident than ever on his first new track since last summmer, “No Interruption.”

However, what separates this seamless single off Hoodie’s upcoming All-American mixtape and his prior material is that he’s recreating his successful sample-based formula with completely all-original instrumentation, in hopes that all the fan’s he’s amped up for free previously will now literally support his growth as an artist. With this perfectly-produced RJF knocker providing a backdrop for us to both break our necks and sing along, I’d be safe to assume he’ll succeed. In more ways than one, actually.

Considering the song was released today and is already approaching iTunes Top 25 downloads – a feat the The Hoodster achieved all by himself – we’re pretty sure he already has.

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