Kurupt Feat. DJ Quik – “Take It Off”

09.30.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

When DJ Quik and Kurupt dropped their BlaQKout album back in 2009, there were quite a few diehard fans who felt the much-anticipated project lacked the gusto expected from the two Westcoast vets. However, the letdown occurred because there weren’t many songs like “Take It Off.” Fresh from Young Gotti’s upcoming compilation album Penagon Rydaz, these two Cali compadres deal out directions to susceptible females with lubricant from a beat that sounds like it’s straight from an old Morris Day & The Time album. Unlike many of the digitized instrumentals from their prior affair, this audible intoxicant is stacked thick with funky bubble-bass, an orchestra of horns, live guitar rhythms and an array of all the sounds fans of the Quikster will more than appreciate.

Whether the rest of the tape carries the same momentum is another story, but you can see for yourself when the DPG member releases his Penagon imprint’s first release on October 4.

DownloadKurupt Feat. DJ Quik – “Take It Off”

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