Mr. Chief – Mr. Chief & Friends Love Chili Mixtape

06.05.12 6 years ago

A lot of people have large, grandiose goals. However, after spending half his life in a booth, the 30-year-old Mr. Chief only wants long-term stability. Despite being a co-founder of one the fastest-growing Hip-Hop labels in Detroit and carrying a legion of grassroots fans who’ve supported him for years, the hard-nosed Beats At Will MC with a larger heart than most still struggles in meaningless day jobs and continues to pray his time will come. But, it’s those hardships that have helped him grow as both an individual and artist, making his latest project Mr. Chief & Friends Love Chili as potent as ever.

Set around a landscape of chopped-up Red Hot Chilli Peppers samples, the artist formally known as Chief uses the easy-going rock sounds to capture his current woes and push his people to do more. Doing justice to everything from “Snow” to “Under The Bridge,” the Michigan-made story-teller and his BAW crew spill specifics here that will leave listeners half-heartbroken and one hundred percent uplifted by their blue-collar-poppin’ grind. However for Chief himself, the project serves as an audible time capsule for him to look back on, once he’s found his stride, whether it be coasting on rap money or simply sitting down to a home-cooked meal with his would-be wife and kids. Given the tone of the project though, it seems he’ll be content with either route.

Download — Mr. Chief – Mr. Chief & Friends Love Chili

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