Rittz Feat. Tech N9ne – “Bloody Murdah” (Remix)

08.10.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

“Sh*t, my flow aggressive, I’ve been told that’s it’s so impressive, you might of heard me on The Smoking Section, sounding nasally but mainly ’cause my nose is messed up/ I been out in California snortin’ blow with Ke$ha”

In case you missed the original version on White Jesus: Revival, Rittz recruited Tech N9ne to remix “Bloody Murdah,” which is…well, just that. Fans should be happy for three reasons.

1) White Jesus adds a third verse

2) Tech N9ne delivers a murderous 16 for the GA MC, completing what was probably a dream collaboration come true

3) A few weeks back in Nashville, Tech was in attendance at Rittz’ concert to show support, which could mean more collabos are in store between Slumerican and Strange Music

After you listen and while you’re all fired up, support the man and cop on iTunes.

Props: Sermon’s Domain

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