Wiz Khalifa – “Morocco”

02.22.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

“We just puttin’ these out as we mix them. You Taylors shouldn’t have to wait for your theme music.”Wiz

Thanks to Twitter, you’re bound to see random artists release music on any given night. Wiz Khalifa, who essentially birthed his name through social networking, took to Twitter and Tumblr to release a new tune for his devoted Taylors worldwide. “Morocco” finds Wiz hooking up with longtime co-conspirator Sledgren. The sing-songy, trippy number likely sounds ideal under the right vices, as I’m sure Wiz was anything but sober when this was recorded. I’m also pretty sure he was far from sober when he afforded the description for the record, “This song is about acceptance. Not necessarily feelin unaccepted but not really feelin accepted for who you are.” That probably makes all the sense in the world when you’re higher than Jasmine Guy’s booty in the ’80s.

You see, Hip-Hop, and more so long standing Taylors who were on fence regarding his music since becoming a bonafide star, Wiz is hellbent on making you a believer again. One song and one doobie at a time.

Wiz Khalifa – “Morocco” (Prod. By Sledgren)

Bonus: Since we’re here, let’s go ahead and complete the triple play package of Taylor Gang mp3’s with new records from The Original Juiceman (Juicy J) and Chevy Woods.

Juicy J – “Cup”

Chevy Woods – “Home Run” (Prod. By Sledgren)

Respect: illRoots

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