Here Are The New Posters For 'Pacific Rim' And 'The Hobbit' To Freak Out About

07.08.12 6 years ago

Two of the year’s most anticipated movies, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit and Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, released new posters this weekend, not coincidentally right before Comic-Con. Of the pair, I’m more excited to see Pacific Rim because 1) GIANT KILLER ROBOTS; 2) The Hobbit trailer makes the film look like the “New Zealand of movies,” a.k.a. a little dull (it is my favorite Lord of the Rings book, though); and 3) Did I mention the robots…that kill things? It sounds like Godzilla meets Transformers, BUT GOOD. Here’s the synopsis:

[Pacific Rim] is set in a world where soldiers piloting giant robots battle against huge, alien creatures who have mysteriously risen five miles from beneath the ocean. The film will be an homage to Japanese giant monster films. Del Toro has said the film will be “a beautiful poem to giant monsters.”

And here are the posters.

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