The New Trend All The Cool Kids Are Doing: Snorting Smarties

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Kids snorting Smarties isn’t on the level of vodka-soaked tampons, but it does give outraged parents an excuse to say, “Don’t be a dumb-dumb, don’t snort Smarties,” so it’s a real, DEADLY trend. Feel the paranoia.

Officials at a Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island warned parents last week that they recently became aware of a trend where students were crushing the classic candies into a “fine powder” while still in the wrapper, then either putting the powder in their mouths and exhaling it through the mouth or nose like cigarette smoke, or using a straw or rolled up piece of paper to snort the powder as if it were cocaine.

“We have recently become aware of an unsafe, new trend among some of our middle school students — smoking or snorting the candy, Smarties. Our research has taught us this is a widespread phenomenon and is the subject of many You-Tube videos,” read the email addressed from Portsmouth Middle School. (Via)

“Research” = five-second Google search.

The email went on to provide a bulleted list of potential health risks associated with the practice: cuts, infection, scarring of the nasal cavity, irritation of the lungs, allergic reaction and raised risk for turning to other substances like cigarettes or drugs that can be snorted. One eyebrow-raising health risk the letter pointed to was increased odds for possible maggot infestation in the nose. The email cited the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Oren Friedman, who purportedly said maggots may feed on the sugary dust wedged inside the nose. (Via)

Back in my day, we snorted Sugar-Coated Discs, none of this fancy name brand candy. Dem kids deserve dem maggots.

Via CBS News

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