New Yorkers Are Looking For Snow Day Companionship On Craigslist

01.27.15 3 years ago
Major Snowstorm Bears Down On New York City

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Plenty of New Yorkers took to Craigslist before Winter Storm Juno, looking for someone to share a grown-up snow day.

Some of these sexy young things are looking for a good time, no-strings-attached, and have visions of booze, cozy blankets, and warm cookies dancing through their heads. One romantic in the West Village promised everything and more for someone who wants to be his “Snow Day Make-Out Buddy.”

Close your eyes for a second. Think back to when you were a kid bracing for a snowstorm to hit your town; That giddy feeling of anticipation on a school night, just knowing you could wake up to your mom telling you that school was cancelled. That childish sense of awe as you press your nose up against the cold windowpane to take in the fresh blanket of white. That uncontainable excitement when you call your nearest friend and make plans for a snowball fight, or a snowman competition, or day of vegetabling on the couch amid the warmth of a fire.

Now fast-forward to today. We’re professionals, so we have no school to be cancelled. We’re adults, so we can’t have a play-date. We’re ostensibly mature city-dwellers, so we can’t roll around in the soon-to-be brownish/blackish snow.


As we sit on the brink of a major snowstorm and prepare for a nearly shut-down NYC, I’m seeking a single 20- or 30-something female who shares my excitement for snow days and wants to create the semi-romantic, mildly productive yet equally fun adult version. I’m talking endless movies, cookies, whiskey and red wine, occasional work on a strictly as-needed basis, potential igloo-making in a private garden and making out. The latter part obviously depends on attraction and compatibility and can of course escalate to more serious sexual acts, so let’s chalk it up as a nice-have.

Email if interested, preferably with a photo. And don’t hold back your excitement. It’s a f—ing snow day.

Others are looking to get out of the apartment for awhile and hoping for a little more commitment than a hook-up, if the connection is there.

Bad weather doesn’t keep you inside either, right? Anyone want to do brunch? Looking for someone with long term potential, not interested in NSA encounter. Please attach recent photo. There’s been too many fellas who send pictures when they were 50 lbs lighter. Happy snow day!

One of the best suggestions for how to spend a snow day is courtesy of a post from Bushwick titled “Snow Day Means 420 And No Pants.”

Let's Cuddle Naked


Plus, the Bushwick pothead is the perfect gentleman. No need to worry about the reefer.

I’ve already got the bag, just bring yourself.

Happy Winter Storm Juno, and be safe in all winter weather activities!

Source: Business Insider

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