Nic Cage Broke His Legendary Time-Traveling Vampire Silence On Letterman Last Night

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02.10.12 3 Comments

I’m on the East Coast and not as much fun as I used to be so I’m rarely up past late night monologues, but thanks to another brilliant Archer episode and subsequent GIF-making I was actually awake when Nicolas Cage dropped by Letterman last night. And seeing as how I’m carving a questionable Nic Cage coverage niche for myself around these parts, let’s just say it was meant to be.

Before I get to time-traveling vampires, I want to note that the Cage personality pendulum was leaning “odd-yet-likable” last night, as opposed to the “unstable-and/or-kooky” position it’s normally stuck in. It was a nice reminder of why I just can’t quit the guy. I enjoyed the Cher exchange that gets cut off at the end of the clip a little too much.

Now to time-traveling vampires. Back in the Fall I provided a breathless account (not to mention an under-appreciated Face/Off photoshop) of eBay’s fascination with pegging Cage and John Travolta as ageless bloodsuckers. The interpipes were leaking last night as Letterman discussed the whole thing with Cage — who was well aware, of course — and even provided the side-by-side shot we’ve all been clamoring for. I’m particularly fond of the part where Cage keeps insisting the dude in the old timey photo was mildly retarded, whereas he is not. I also seriously doubt the gentleman in the photo possesses the mental capacity necessary to steal the Declaration of Independence. Full exchange after the jump.

And as a bonus, here’s Cage talking about the time he hijacked the intercom on a flight with a cocaine-packing Charlie Sheen and almost got arrested on the ground…

Clip via Buzzfeed

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