Nick Offerman Is Taking His Ron Swanson Act On The Road

12.15.11 6 years ago

As you can see from the screengrab on the right in which Ron Swanson makes a cameo on ESPN’s College Gameday, the mustached one is quite popular with the college kids. So it tickled me to no end earlier this afternoon when I got a Facebook update from the Offerman Woodshop announcing a 2012 tour of colleges across the country.

“Nick will be visiting some colleges in 2012. Including Iowa State, Ohio State, Florida State, and a couple others that we forget.”

Holy crap that’s awesome! I’m not a student, obviously, but I so wanna go to one of these. I poked around the web a bit to try to find a complete schedule, but the only date that seems to be set in stone that tickets are being sold for right now is a show in Ames, Iowa on the Iowa State campus.

Reports the Des Moines Register:

When Parks & Recreation first debuted a few years back it seemed like it was just going to be a knock-off of The Office. At first it was, but after the first year it became its own beast, and I believe the thundering heart powering that beast is none other than Ron Swanson. He may be the best comedic character on TV.

And the thundering heart inside that thundering heart is actor Nick Offerman, who will be coming to Stephens Auditorium in Ames on Feb. 2…The show will be part comedy, part acoustic songs, part Q&A and part woood working tips. That’s a pretty good deal for $15 ($10 if you’re an ISU student). Tickets go on sale Monday through Ticketmaster.

If there’s a God in heaven this man will do a show in New Orleans or New York that I can attend. I’m already planning a pre-show meal of steak with a side of bacon. If I can see Nick Offerman perform his one man show AND see the guy who raps about Powerpoint presentations live in 2012, then it will be a damn good year.

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