Here’s Why Nicki Minaj Pulled Out Of Hot 97’s Summer Jam

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06.05.12 61 Comments

Watched Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals instead of streaming Hot 97’s Summer Jam? All hell broke loose once Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg called Nicki Minaj’s’s radio hit “Starships” “bullshit.” In response, Wayne tweeted that Young Money* would not be partaking in the festivities and Nicki deferred to her boss. Sh*t kept rolling downhill from there as Funkmaster Flex got aggy**, expressed his newfound disregard for “commercial rappers” and promised to drop bombs tomorrow at 7pm.

Rosenberg’s timing and tact may have been questionable because it’s type rude to invite a guest to your party, then sh*t on them. Still, he’s never been one to bite his tongue and not many will disagree with his latest statement. “Starships” lives in a galaxy far, far away from rap.

Update 6.4.12: DJ Green Lantern made moves to compile backstage footage from the event, including brief second where he chops it up with Rosenberg regarding his “Starships” remarks.

Update 6.5.12: As promised, Nicki and Flex got on the phone together while Flex was on the air yesterday (listen to the audio here or read the transcript here). For all his talk of ruining careers, Flex backpedaled harder than Deion in ’94. Aside from that, the two essentially yelled, talked over each other and ended it all…by resolving nothing.

Today, Hot 97’s competitor on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club decided to call Flex out because of how the conversation transpired and crowned him with their “Donkey Of The Day” distinction.

* – Apparently, Tyga didn’t get the memo tho’.

** – Isn’t Flex a big Nicki supporter? Or should we say was, past tense?

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