So Nic Cage Looks Great

Editorial Director
10.03.12 3 Comments

Let me start off by saying that I love Nicolas Cage both ironically and sentimentally so part of me doesn’t want to share this because, I mean, holy sh*t the guy looks terrible. But this photo captioned “Look who my friend ran into in Las Vegas … coming out of a liquor store … at 9AM” is already on the front page of Reddit with over three hundred comments so it’s not like I found it in a self-destructing envelope marked “confidential” folder in my post office box.

There are just so many questions. Has Cage officially become his Leaving Las Vegas character? Why did he stop for the photo? Is he just THAT nice of a guy? Despite an epic level of dishevelment? Does the Redditor’s friend work at Bass Pro Shop? And why doesn’t Nic have any liquor? My god this has never been more appropriate.

That’s all I have to add because the Reddit comments have pretty much covered EVERYTHING. “Doesn’t he die at the end of this movie?” is my favorite as of now. We’ve all been there though, right? RIGHT?

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