Nightcap With 14KT

08.11.09 8 years ago 14 Comments

When it’s time to punch the clock at the end of a long day here at the TSS office, the word “nightcap” flies around like we’re headed across the street to our local yokel smoky pub for a shot and a beer with McNulty. But what we’re really aiming for is the piece to carry us through the night and on into waking up with a Cooler Chick. And tonight I bring the soundtrack for the piece I hope caps your night, TSS.


Download — 14KT — “Verbal Intercourse”

14KT is releasing an album next Tuesday of Dilla-donut inspired beats he put together right after the legendary producer passed, but kept locked away until now. And like Dilla, KT has a freaky streak and a penchant for all things beautiful woman.

When I was told I had the pick of the litter to give you guys, I gravitated toward “Verbal Intercourse” because it sounded like what I imagine the Cooler Chicks sound like — or at least what we’d hope they sound like when they’re whispering in your ear like “Oh, TSS. You’re so sexy. Let’s just lay down for a minute longer before you go to work…” KT takes a heartbeat bass line, wraps it around looped up strings and chimes smoother than Johnny Walker Black on the rocks.

This track is like staying in bed all night and day with your girl. Even makes me feel a little funny on the inside… as though I finally understand what all the fuss is about every morning around the office, talking about pointy elbows and whatnot.

KT once again executes soul with an effortlessness unseen, unfelt and untouched by most. Look out for Nowalataz next week.



Download — 14KT & Dibiase – “Going Fine”

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