First Look: Nike Zoom KD IV “Scoring Title”

06.02.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

It’s fascinating when a signature shoe takes on the athlete’s personality. When the Jordan 11s dropped, they were in a class of their own, head and shoulders above anything else going, just like Mike. The adiZero Roses are understated high-quality, no-nonsense shoes. But no other shoe symbolizes the athlete like Nike Basketball’s KDIV.

As Durant was gaining steam in the offseason, pics of his new shoe started to trickle on the net. Almost simultaneously, his stock and his shoe’s buzz increased by the day. As the season comes to a close, Durant and his shoe have maintained that symbiosis. Understated. Quality. Undeniably likable. The KDIVs have emerged as “The People’s Shoe,” especially at a $95 price tag.

I actually tried to get my hands on the Durant “Aunt Pearls” just as a collector’s item without any intention on wearing them. I feel the same about the Scoring Titles. Do I actually see myself wearing these? Probably not. I see the shoe more as memorabilia for Durant’s outstanding season and sure-to-be Hall Of Fame career. The nerd in me relates the design to the old X-Men Phalanx villain, but the scoring titles on the tongue and are what sold me. I’m also partial to blue/yellow designs anyway and the etching harks back to the collage design Jordan Brand started using for the AJ XX’s so there are guaranteed to be hidden gems. Durant’s emerged as one of my top three favorite players in the league and I want to cop to be a part of his history.

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