Nine-Year-Old With A Blog Shames School Into Serving Decent Food

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05.23.12 2 Comments

As everyone reading this surely knows, school lunches, in the US, are generally pretty vile. Only recently did they decide to revise the standards so some tomato sandwiched between pizza dough and government cheese wasn’t considered a “vegetable,” after all.

But take heart, America! There are places where the industrial meals served to children are even worse. Like Scotland, for example!

At least that’s the takeaway from the blog NeverSeconds, which is basically a foodie blog written by a nine-year-old named Martha Payne. To give you an idea of how bad things are in Bonnie Scotland’s school cafeterias, part of her reviews are how many hairs she finds in the food.

Fortunately, somebody took notice…

Initially, the local education district insisted to the BBC that Martha’s blog was somewhat selective. It insisted that fruit and, indeed, vegetables were plentiful. Moreover, there were only four pictures on this blog at the time and the school serves millions.

However, by May 15, the dark shadow of public shame was threatening the school. For Martha blogged that people from the local council had come along with journalists in tow. Yes, the dreaded journalists.

She said there was a new system for ordering food. And — lo and behold, she claimed — there appeared “cherry tomatoes, radishes, carrot and cucumber shreddings.”

It probably helped that cooking-show person Jamie Oliver, who has made it his life’s goal to make you be ashamed of eating anything he doesn’t approve of, stumbled across Martha’s blog and mentioned it on Twitter. The imminent threat of having to deal with that guy helped the school change its ways.

See, sometimes blogs do achieve something to help humanity. Now back to our regular scheduled program of silly GIFs and laughing at Mark Zuckerberg.

(Image via NeverSeconds)

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