No Tuna For Bounty Town

04.10.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

One of the sad things about following NFL news on Twitter is sometimes a story breaks and you see various people commenting on it, so, curiosity piqued, you trace the story back to its source, only to find out it’s a report from Chris Mortensen and Peter King. Aw hell, why should I bother making a joke about something that’s probably bullsh*t? That’s the worst. Anyway, those two are reporting that Bill Parcells won’t be taking the Saints interim coaching job. PK says neither will Tony Dungy. Not sure if anyone even thought The Dunge was in the running, but PK wanted everyone to know that HE KNOWS PEOPLE and can get quotes from Antonio Dungerson whenever needed.

Not the best development for KSK schadenfreude interests, as Parcells’ tenure would have been a high-profile flameout with great potential for ugly scenes on the sideline mixed with belligerence towards the media. Instead, the Saints will promote Spags or Pete Carmichael to head coach, which is almost certainly better for them in the long run. Aww, that’s no fun. If Goodell truly wanted to show his power, he could have gone with creative punishment and not only suspend the Saints for the year, but appoint a truly awful head coach in his place, like Jim Zorn or Brad Childress.

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