A North Carolina Man Allegedly Posed As A Wal-Mart Shoe Salesman To Suck Toes

03.22.14 4 years ago 8 Comments
North Carolina toe sucker

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You can wear sandals and flip flops without fear, North Carolina. The dastardly toe sucker that held your Wal-Mart shopping experience in a grip of fear this week has been captured. From The Washington Post:

A manhunt for the Wal-Mart toe-sucker ended Wednesday night when police in North Carolina arrested a man who allegedly posed as a shoe salesman and then sucked on the toes of the surprised woman customer.

When the horrified woman protested, he told her he was a podiatry student.

Police have had several complaints of incidents like that in both Kmart and Wal-Mart, according to local news reports.

The assailant, Michael Brown, has been charged with assault on a female after allegedly taking part in this incident and another attempt earlier in the week at another Wal-Mart 15 miles away. WCNC caught up with the victim and you can see her tearful reaction below. I can only imagine how shocked you would be if you were shopping for shoes and suddenly found your feet in the mouth of a total stranger.

This is not connected to an earlier incident from a South Carolina Wal-Mart, but it is fun to believe that there is some sort of dark, toe sucking cult that follows a charismatic leader in dark rituals in the Wal-Mart shoe section. I guess that would make Quentin Tarantino the yellow king?

(via Washington Post / WCNC )

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