Not A Very Pittsburghish Surrender

07.31.12 5 years ago 31 Comments

A Steelers fan attended Colts camp in a James Harrison jersey, possibly because he felt like being a dickhead but more likely because Steelers fans are always wearing jerseys, regardless of occasion or setting. As you might expect, this Yinzer interloper drew stares and angry muttering from others in attendance. His presence was so grating that new Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was forced to intervene. Given that Pagano was the Ravens defensive coordinator last season, he is an old hand in the art of detesting Yinzers.

Pagano approached the Steelers fan with an Andrew Luck jersey. He gave the Yinzer an ultimatum that he must remove the Steelers gear and don the Luck jersey or leave. So naturally the Steelers fan waddled back from whence he came and at least maintained some dignity. No! He actually goes through with it. UGH. So many books to the face. I’m not even sure why the Colts fans applaud this. Do you really want a Steelers fan to get a free signed Andrew Luck jersey? Probably not. There are no winners here.

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