Notable Quotable – Starlito On “Produced By Coop”

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“’06, ‘Like Father, Like Son’ dropped I got like 10 grand, thanks
’07, I was in the hood with a chopper in my hand
I fucked my own career up, I got no problems sayin’ it
But, bitch, I been gettin’ money, f*ckin’ right Gotti was payin’
I’m just impatient, right? You would not understand
You wouldn’t around in ’08 when I was coppin’ like 10
Of some bullshit regular, me and Dot going ham
In a Section 8 spot in Metro Center with a lot of them grams
Bought a house in ’09, stole my neighbor’s cable
Caught five charges while me and Wayne was on the same label
I barely know that n*gga, I ain’t gang-related
Never been on TV rappin’ so what you can’t say is
A nigga put me on, B*tch, I put niggas on
And keep gettin’ rid of phones,
Can’t sleep at night, I’m living wrong
I’m ready to take something, like they locked up the plug
I’m doing better than ever, but I can’t stay off them drugs
Spend so much time in the office, I barely go to the club…
…Fuck these sucker ass n*ggas and f*ck the politics
If you a graduating senior, apply for my scholarship
I’m doing two of’em, ain’t but a stack
Either way, I gotta give back
I’m from the hood, look how I lived that
Look at this game, look at these hypocrites
Or how they not kicking the facts
Meanwhile, I’m giving them that non-fiction rap
Sometimes I hate myself,
but one thing these haters can’t take from me is I made myself”

Hip-Hop audiences always enjoys to see a good story of an artist rising and falling, then rising again and Lito’s story follows that plot. Instead of waiting on a reporter to tell his story between the pages of a magazine, Star trusts his own pen to best answer questions about what happened here or what went down there. On “Produced By Coop,” Lito lays down his ups and downs of the past several years over a bluesy number manufactured by producer Coop, specifically his dealings with Wayne, Cash Money, Gotti and assorted legal issues.

What fans end up with is an honest glimpse into how he has persevered in the finicky rap game and a portrait of the artist as a man. Character isn’t always about what or how you conduct yourself when you have everything, but how you respond to having the world in your grasp, losing it and then finding a way to get it back. After starting out as “Cashville’s Prince,” dare I say he’s earned the crown of king off the strength of his relentless grind.

Download Mental WARfare here.

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