Of Course People Want To Know If Eliot Spitzer Is Having Sex With Prostitutes Again

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Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is very happy to be running for the position of comptroller of New York City. How happy is he? This happy. And he’s also happy enough that he’s been making the national talk show rounds, unlike his opponent, Jane NotOnLeno, and happily laughing at himself with hosts like Stephen Colbert, because after you’ve been busted paying for sex with high-end escorts, you really might as well be in on the joke.

Perhaps the biggest annoyance for Spitzer right now, though, is the fact that misery and the media love company, and now that Anthony Weiner is being grilled for the new batch of lewd Formspring messages dug up by The Dirty, people want to know if Spitzer has had any relapses of his own.

It has come to this in New York City’s election — a reporter asked Eliot Spitzer on Wednesday whether he has slept with prostitutes since resigning as governor.

“Absolutely not,” Spitzer said as he greeted morning commuters on Staten Island. He added, “I’m done answering this question.”

Then there was the commuter who told Spitzer she named her pet bird after him.

“What is he, a parakeet that talks all the time?” Spitzer inquired with a smile.

“No, he’s a lovebird,” the young woman replied.

“Oh, I’m not touching that one,” Spitzer said. (Via the NY Daily News)

Who names their pet bird after a governor who had to resign because he spent more than $80,000 on prostitutes over several years? I only wish it was a bird that talks so she could teach it to say, “Can I have a receipt?” What do you say to that, pet bird?

No Bird

Aw, shucks.

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