So Olivia Wilde Did The Ice Bucket Challenge With Milk…From Her Breasts

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08.24.14 15 Comments

Just when you thought you’ve seen every variation of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Olivia Wilde goes out and dumps breast milk on herself because charity you guys. And then she went ahead and nominated Prince (along with Cory Booker and Gloria Steinem). Ballsy move Olivia, ballsy move.

And I have no idea what constitutes a lot of breast milk but damn, that was basically breast milk bukkake. Ok fine, it probably wasn’t breast milk. It was probably related to that whole breastfeeding pic Olivia took earlier this month. The one she caught a lot of heat for because people are stupid. Speaking of stupid people, let’s go to the top YouTube comment for this video.

I’m a mother and I know how important breast milk is and would never waste it on some stupid ALS ice bucket challenge. N it’s not because I’m insincere but because I know from tons of research and knowledge that ALS is caused from an Auto Immune disease That is caused from Vaccinations.

Yeah, I hate the internet.

(via BroBible)

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