On The Catwalk: The Best Of The Algonquin Hotel's Cat Fashion Show

Senior Writer

Pictured: The perfect cat fashion show.

It’s easy to pick on the national media for being sensational or paying too much attention to meaningless news like debt ceilings and presidential straw polls. But the major outlets aren’t helping their own causes when they completely bury the news that truly matters. Thankfully, the good people at Time Out New York know what we all really want. Unemployment rates? Natural disasters? Global warming? No thanks. Cat fashion shows? Yes, please!
Last Wednesday, the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan honored its beloved mascot, Matilda the Cat, with a birthday purr-ty (*rim shot, bicycle horn*) and a very special cat fashion show. Some people may call dressing cats in funny outfits animal abuse, but it sure doesn’t look that way to these well-to-do tabbys. OK, maybe one of them doesn’t look happy, but the rest of them don’t seem to mind.
Enjoy the best of the Algonquin’s cat fashion show after the jump.

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