Your Daily Funk – Patrice Rushen’s “Remind Me”

08.05.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

Excuse me for being on an old-school binge but, like I said last week, the best ’80s R&B always has a place on my rotation. This time Patrice Rushen’s “Remind Me” caught my attention after having a sudden urge to learn it on the keys. Turns out it’s not a hard song to play and much easier to just enjoy. The composition’s demure stylings can’t be denied and stand as a crown jewel in her writing and production work.

You old timers are pretty fortunate. People tend to look at the past too fondly but at least you guys had a chance to enjoy masterful blends of r&b and funk for the masses. We can’t even get one of those on a regular basis nowadays.

*Plays this song again and feels better…until it ends.*

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