Patton Oswalt And Marc Maron Livetweeted Their Chance Encounter On A Plane

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05.23.12 16 Comments

Lovable scamp Patton Oswalt and neurotic podcast king Marc Maron were on the same flight yesterday, Maron in Coach and Oswalt in Business. (How successful would you have to be to get in First on that plane? Tell us who’s on in First so we can eat their hearts to absorb their power.)
Not letting the opportunity go to waste, both comics tweeted bits back and forth when Maron wasn’t occupied having acerbic Twitter fights with various haters. We learned what movie Oswalt was watching, what snacks Maron wants to steal from Business class, which awesome and genuinely nice legend will likely be a future WTF guest, and how Louis CK relates to all of this.
We have a mostly-chronological summary of this impromptu live-tweet event on the pages that follow, via @PattonOswalt and @MarcMaron. Stay till the end for an amazing special guest.
(H/T: IFC)

The Fonz is going to be on WTF! (probably) Yeah!

@JimOHeir, also known as Jerry!

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