Paul Ryan Finally Gets The Bad Lip Reading Send-Up In ‘Paul Ryan’s Video Diary’

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10.03.12 2 Comments

has returned with another political lip dub, finally turning their wits on Mitt Romney’s running mate and potential future Vice President Paul Ryan. This time, Bad Lip Reading has stepped up their game by not only dubbing a politician with funny non sequiturs, but also changing their surroundings for full comedic effect.

In this parody, Paul Ryan is now doing a YouTube video diary from a sweet bedroom with posters of Nickelback, Hulk Hogan, Hermione Granger, Die Hard, and Spuds MacKenzie adorning the walls. And check out that rad Sports Illustrated football phone, Skelator action figure, McDonald’s cup, and jar of peanuts. That’s how you know he’s just a regular dude. (We’re not sure what the Pepsi cans are saying, but it’s probably in the language of the Great Old Ones because Pepsi is unforgiving evil in a can.)

We also spotted those bottles of 5 Hour Energy laying around. He must need to slam those to maintain his great marathon times. Paul Ryan also sings us a song written for his band Steak Baby. Then he asks us to give his band a new name. We’re pulling for Camel Sausage.


(Hat tip and a Steak Baby to Gorilla Mask.)

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