PBS(?) Delves Into The History And Evolution Of GIFs

03.08.12 3 Comments

When I ran across this video last night I was sure that it was going to be one of those annoying “old people trying to explain the internet to other old people” things, considering that it was produced by PBS. However, I stupidly underestimated PBS’ ability to create something on the burgeoning medium that even someone like who spends the majority of his day on the web like me would find both educational and entertaining.

For some reason I’ve found myself struggling recently to explain GIFs to people I meet who don’t spend much time on the internet (yes, these people do actually exist!) and how they’ve become a vital part of web culture — now I can just forward them the link to this video. This explains it all quite succinctly.

Now please enjoy these dog driving a pickup truck GIFs I’ve been dying to post for a while, but hadn’t found the right reason to up until today. If anyone still doesn’t get GIFs after watching the video above and looking at the GIFs below, then they’re just hopeless, I’m afraid.

(HT: I’m With Kanye)

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