Hundreds Of Penn State Students Took To The Streets To Hunt Fake Clowns

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10.04.16 3 Comments

Warning: language in the above video NSFW

Just when you think clown mania currently gripping the nation can’t get any dumber, on Monday night, students at Penn State University flooded the streets after rumors of alleged “clown sightings” started circulating on social media. Hundreds, if not thousands, of mostly male students went running through the main corridors of campus, chanting “F*** those clowns! F*** those clowns!” Basically, it was a lot like “take back the night,” only for white dudes and from clowns.

The only problem with the whole thing was the discernible, uh, lack of clowns. Like many of these clown stories we keep hearing about, the Centre Daily Times reports that in all likelihood, this was yet another clown hoax.

Penn State police Sgt. Mike Nelson said that there were no real sightings of clowns known to authorities. That didn’t stop at least 500 students, Nelson’s minimum estimate, from latching onto the idea that there was one on the loose in the borough.

“Fortunately, there was no property damage, no injury and no violence,” Nelson said. “And there were no sightings.”

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